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Due to the dynamic development of our company's stable, we are always open vacancies for young, active, motivated people who want to work and earn. We are glad to see people without special training, students, college graduates as well as professionals already formed. All candidates take the free advice and training from the experts of our company.
For inquiries, please call: (048) 722-10-20 and (067) 559-64-54 from 10:00 - 18:00. And also can send your resume to info@platan.od.ua, a "subject" be sure to include the name of the job that interests you.
Head of cleaning.
Vacancy for the post of Head of cleaning, the company "Sycamore."
Job Requirements:
- Hardworking, initiative, stress;
- Experience managing staff working specialties;
- Ability to negotiate and resolve conflict;
- Ability to make independent decisions based on the current situation;
- Personal transportation. Transportation costs are offset by the company;
- Organization and control of staff;
- Ensuring the smooth operation teams at facilities
- Negotiating with clients; 2 months trial period.
Salary during the trial period 2000UAH
After the probationary period, the salary will be revised depending on the results.
Schedule 10:00 - 17:00/
To contact us by phone. 067-559-64-54 from 10:00 - 18:00
Requires a taxi driver.
On an ongoing basis, recruit drivers from personal vehicles to work in the service of urban passenger cab.
Job Requirements:
- Driving license category "B" is obligatory
- Having a car in good condition required;
- Good knowledge of the city required;
- Skill find the best route based on the traffic situation in the city;
- Stress resistance and the ability to resolve conflict; Conditions:
Free schedule;
- Fee for the use of the dispatch service 35grn. per week
- without Commission
Any questions please contact tel. 067-559-64-54 from 10:00 - 18:00
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