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«Smiling Duke, I walk the boulevard…»
Sightseeing tour, car and walking. Duration: 3 hours

Detailed information on tours and prices, please call:
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Smiling Duke, I walk the boulevard….

Odessa is a city of contrasts, city of sun and of course Humor center. Sightseeing tour is an acquaintance with its biography, with people, who were at the outset of birth of “The Pearl of the Black Sea” and of course with its numerous monuments and legends. The tour which we suggest you is your first meeting with the city

We will ride to Arcadia, will feel the smell of wine aroma, will count the steps at Potemkin’s Stairs and of course will smile to Duke, because Odessa is not just the city, it is “Smile of God”

Railway station (Kulikovo Field) - ave. Shevchenko - Arcadia - French Boulevard (Filatov clinic, Champagne factory, Film studio, cabal way, Musical Comedy) – str. Kanatnaja - B. Arnautskaya – str. Pushkinskaya – str. Gogolja

Monument to Orange ( “ First Bribe”) - Shah's palace – Mother in Law Bridge - Vorontsov Palace - Primorsky Boulevard - monument to Catherine II - monument to Duke - Ar – Pushkin’ monument - Opera House - Gorsad

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