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«Parks of Odessa city»
Duration: 3.5 hours

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Parks of Odessa city

Just some centuries ago, Odessa looked like a real desert. The land was greened with some bushes and trees. Today, our famous street Pushkinskaya it’s the alley of plane-tree and smell of acacia is the symbol of coming spring. The history of gardening is a big chapter in our city’s story.

Our tour is visit of two biggest parks in Odessa city. It is Park of Victory and Park Shevchenko. I will tell you the story about “Golopuzovka”, will show you our stadium and you will know why there were two Botanic gardens and why acacia tree is the merit of Duke.

Shevchenko Park (The Chernomoretz Football Stadium, Karantin’s balk, Monument to the Unknown Sailor) - Victory Park (Sports Palace, monument Drzewiecki, 10th April Square)

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