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Our company - Plane. Odessa
Company history
Multidisciplinary organization "Platan" was founded in 1991 and almost immediately established itself as a stable company with a leading position in the market of Odessa and Odessa region.
Company History
Our work began with the provision of passenger and cargo taxi. From its inception to the present day, we not only actively working in this field, and constantly improve the quality of services provided, actively introduce the latest developments in the taxi and transportation. Adhering to the European standards in the provision of taxi services and cargo transportation, we have equipped all our latest cars taximeter EvroTaks EL, which are not only standard for taximeter functions and combine more and electronic cash register, with the possibility of issuing inventory sales receipt with full information on the services provided.

Company HistoryIn 1993 was founded service Platan service computer. Since its inception the company has been widely developed, increased its work to provide computer assistance, acquired a number of repeat customers. Including both legal and natural persons, established itself as a reliable partner. We provide a full range of computer services in Odessa, is a successful company in the market town in the area of computer outsourcing. We employ only dedicated experts with extensive experience who are able to find optimal solutions to your problems. Our engineers have a higher technical education in the field of IT technology and communication systems, and accumulated over many years of experience allows us to quickly find the optimal solutions for any technical problems with minimal cost to the client.

Company History
In 1995, our company was organized, the first formally implemented and certified in Ukraine, emergency door opening service. All of our staff is highly trained specialists with higher technical education, is an active member LoksMaster Ukrainian Federation. At the disposal of our modern specialists, regularly updated, taking into account the market introduction of new models of castles, instrumental-technical base, allowing us to conduct any class parlors secrecy, without structural damage to the lock and the door. Just at our disposal a group of professional climbers who break into your apartment from the street and simply open your door from the inside, without any interference in the design of your lock and door locking system.

Company History
Since November 2002, our company was established, one of the first in the southern region of Ukraine, office cleaning. We constantly increase the level of our experts, our management regularly trained abroad. Without our attention remains no significant event in the field of cleaning, our professionals are active participants in all forums, seminars and exhibitions held both in Ukraine and abroad. Cleaning world, in our country is still very young, it is one of the fastest growing industries of Ukraine, it is in this application are the latest achievements of science, engineering and chemical industries.
cleaning company "Sycamore" in Odessa is a regional operator of professional cleaning of premises and adjoining areas for large corporate clients and small businesses, the company offices and private clients.
1 July 2004 "Sycamore" became a member of the "International Association of companies cleaning industry" that has allowed us to raise the level of professionalism to a new level, by exchange of experience with leading Russian cleaning companies, as well as getting advice for solving problems of any complexity.
In June of 2006, our company is recognized as worthy of the most prestigious international association in cleaning "ISSA", since that time, we are full members, to achieve this status in the CIS could not more than 10 companies. This membership is opened before us limitless possibilities in solving any problems in the field of professional cleaning service.
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